Cyclists Organise 'Die-In' to Protest Traffic Deaths

By Chris Mills on at

Following the recent spate of London cycling accidents and associated political hand-wringing, a thousand of London's cyclists found a novel way to block traffic: a 'die-in' that involved a thousand cyclists lying down in solidarity outside TfL HQ.

After six cyclist deaths in two weeks, the demands are the same as always, just a little more urgent: more money to be spent building a cycling-specific infrastructure in the capital, which the protesters see as the key to reducing accidents.

Of course, that runs in stark contrast to the official response to the recent accidents: more police at intersections, and a slightly bizarre police 'crackdown' on wearing helmets and hi-vis jackets, neither of which are mandatory for cyclists.

Regardless of who you think's to blame, though, it's clear that passions are running increasingly high; cycling's always been a slightly touchy issue in London, with weekly protests running regularly for the last few years; but 1000 people mustering outside TfL HQ is sure sign of the growing discontent. [BBC, Stop The Killing]

Image credit: Rory Jackson/ Flickr under Creative Commons