Don't Accidentally Buy Knockoff Prescription Drugs in Sales

By Lily Newman on at

Items directly related to life and death should not go on sale. Sure, the price of any product can be affected by market conditions, but you just don't want to be buying bungee jumping cords half off. You just don't.

The same principle applies to buying medication online. If it's crucial for your health it should be coming from reputable vendors. Plus it probably shouldn't be on sale, because drugs don't really go on sale. The problem is that not all drugs are available on the NHS, and many of these pills and vials are horribly expensive. So people may turn to internet deals as a way of trying to get the meds they need. Eli Lilly, a major US pharmacutical company not always known for the moral high ground, is making a solid point with this infographic. With the US heading into 'Cyber Monday,' you should be extra careful, don't be duped by medication sales, They're not a thing.

It may seem like common sense to stay away from seedy looking websites that could be waiting to sell you expired or fake drugs, but these sites may seem tempting in a desperate situation. You don't want to accidentally buy counterfeit anything online, but medication is kind of extra important. Buy a £30 iPod Nano if you're feeling lucky, but 3 for £5 inhalers are just not worth it. [Daily Infographic]

Don't Accidentally Buy Knockoff Prescription Drugs on Cyber Monday