Los Angeles Has a Climate to Match The Lord of the Rings' Mordor Says New Study

By Gerald Lynch on at

One does not simply walk into Los Angeles, unless one wants a lung full of smog, a severe case of sunburn, and quite possibly, an enforced plastic surgery procedure. And now a scientific study has found a literary analogue for the City of Angels -- Tolkien's hellish Mordor, from The Lord of the Rings.

A climate simulation study by the Cabot Institute of the University of Bristol (published under the guise of The Hobbit's animal-friendly wizard Radagast the Brown) took a look at all the mentions of weather in Tolkien's masterwork, and mapped them against similar patterns in our world. The arid, polluted realm of Sauron most closely resembled Los Angeles and parts of Texas, while the Shire seems genuinely close in terms of climate to its silver-screen filming location of New Zealand. [University of Bristol via Ars Technica]