Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Band to Take on Nike's FuelBand

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may have over-egged the Galaxy Gear, but smartwatches aren't the only devices Samsung is looking to put on your wrist. A Galaxy Band accessory, similar to Nike's FuelBand, is rumoured to be on the way, ready for an MWC 2014 reveal.

Korean site DDaily lists the tentatively-titled Band as having sensors including motion, humidity and pressure. Movement, tracking exercise activity, along with a pedometer, seems to be the Band's main focus -- perhaps acting as Samsung's answer to the fitness-focussed threat of Apple's M7 coprocesser in the latest iPhone. Voice control is also teased, but in what capacity is not clear -- presumably to trigger controls on a Bluetooth-paired smartphone. Indeed, images from a Samsung patent relating to the Band rumours show a wrist accessory capable of showing message info from a connected smartphone device.

Next year's MWC conference kicks off in early March. If the rumours are true, expect a Samsung press conference full of treadmills and sweaty executives. [DDaily, Galaxy Club]