Sony Plans New Smartwatch Push in 2014, But Might Calm Down on Releasing so Many Mobiles

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony Mobile has issued a 2013 retrospective blog post, primarily as a reminder of all the very decent phones it launched over the last 12 months. As for 2014, it has a couple of hints about what we may see, suggesting more smartwatch action and a later than usual launch of its next flagship smartphone.

The blog post says Sony's current flagship Xperia Z1 model will "continue as our flagship into 2014," with the maker also claiming it's the company's best selling smartphone to date. This suggests it will break from recent tradition and won't announce a new high-end model at January's CES tech event, where it's previously demonstrated new models before February's Mobile World Congress showcase, with a view to beating its competitors to market.

Meanwhile, there will be yet more wrist action, whether the public actually wants it or not. Sony says "there will be a lot to talk about in 2014" in terms of smartwatches. And hopefully not just people saying how rubbish they all are. [Sony via Android Central]