The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at
As many of you will know, last week saw a big day in the American calendar, Black Friday. Honestly, the whole concept baffles me. People who queue up in tents for days and risk being trampled to death just to get a discount on a television. It's 2013, do these nutters not know about internet shopping? Anyhoo. While I've been contemplating exactly what is wrong with these people, I went browsing for apps for this weeks list:


iPhone Apps

Mega: Kim Dotcom's new data storage service has come to the iPhone, offering a remarkable 50GB of free space. Designed to be secure and easily accessible, it should have ample room to back up all the important data you store on your phone. But say 50GB isn't enough, for £8 a month, you can upgrade to 500GB of storage, with 1000GB of bandwidth a month. Bargain. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

DK Trip Planner: The well known book publisher has a new app to offer, a travel planner for when you go off gallivanting around the world. The way it works is this, you go online to their website and set up your own personalised itinerary. This is then synced to your device and made available for offline use -- so no pesky roaming charges. There are currently six cities available, with more to come. [Free]

Nick: Christmas coming up means the kids are out of school for a few weeks. Why not distract them with the Nickelodeon companion app? Filled with a variety of games and videos, this should keep them quiet. For a little while at least. [Free]

Galaxy on Fire -- Alliances: A multiplayer game set in the Galaxy on Fire universe, Alliances is designed for you to create and expand your own stellar empire. Make friends or form bitter rivalries, trade goods and resources, or go it alone. With over 400,000 planets available for conquest, how will you fare? [Free]

Barefoot Me Books:  An interactive story app for kids, Barefoot Me Books allows children to record their own narration and sounds to make the reading experience more enjoyable. The app includes The Three Billy Goats Gruff preloaded, with five others available for purchase. [Free -- with in-app purchases]


iPad Apps

The Who -- Tommy: Another week, another music app. This one comes from The Who, no less, all about their 1969 album Tommy. The app includes the option to buy the 2013 remastered album, which includes 20 demo tracks and 21 previously unreleased live tracks recorded on the band's 1969 tour. A must have for any fan of this great band. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

FIFA: Want to get yourself ready for next year's World Cup in Brazil? Or maybe you just need to keep up with the latest Premier League scores? The official FIFA app covers 197 leagues from across the planet with scores updated instantly, making it the best place to get your footballing news on the go. [Free]

Disney Classics Collection: Another storytelling app for kids, the Disney Classics Collection features interactive stories that retell three classic Disney tales. Brought to life with animation, music, and games it'll be a great way to occupy your kids this Christmas. [Free -- in-app purchases]

Continuum: Ever wondered what Hackney looked like throughout history? Well thanks to the tireless effort of photographer Chris Dorely Brown you can see a multitude of photographs covering the London borough throughout the past 20 years. Which areas have declined? Which areas have improved? Which areas are exactly the same? Check it out to grab your dose of London history. [£2.99]

Art and Skin: A digital magazine for the tattoo lovers amongst you, Art and Skin shows a collection of stunning, interactive, 3D tattoos. Zoom in to see intricate details and rotate along three dimensions to get the best view of some of the world's best and most interesting body art. Better yet, each tattoo comes with the story of the artist and how it came to be. Great if you're a tattoo enthusiast or a budding artist. [£2.99]


Android Apps

Virgin TV Anywhere: A companion app for Virgin TiVo customers, Virgin TV Anywhere allows users to set programming to record on their box, view listings up to two weeks in the future, and catch up on the last seven days of television. Even better, though, is the 'Wish List' function which will automatically record programmes featuring specific actors, directors, or based on a broad subject. [Free]

Branches for Twitter: The Twitter aficionados out there will know that Twitter can become rather cluttered, especially if you follow a lot of people. Branches is a handy little app that will "branch" together tweets from a specific user, streamlining their posts and making them a darn sight easier to read. [Free]

Datanator Sync: Another cloud storage app, but this time for Android users. Datanator Sync is designed to back up your contacts, photos, documents, and whatever else you have on your phone. But wait there's more: Datanator is designed to make the process of backing up and restoring as painless as possible. It will sync itself automatically across your devices (if you so wish), and can help clean up the data on your phone. Those useless thumbnail files won't be taking up valuable storage space any more. [Free]

Sonic Dash: A Temple Run style game featuring everybody's favourite fictional hedgehog. Simple premise, collect rings and run as far as you can without dying. Simple, classy, and a must for any Sonic fan. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

SidePlayer Pro: I've often found myself in the car and deciding that the songs on the radio are sub-par, or that I've driven out of a station's broadcast range. As you may imagine, unlocking your phone to get at your own music collection whilst driving on the motorway isn't easy, not to mention dangerous. With SidePlayer Pro, that won't be an issue. Simply shake the phone to gain instant access to your music collection. Handy if you're driving, running, or playing a game and just fancy a change in soundtrack. [£1.08]


Windows Phone Apps

Xbox One Smartglass: The Xbox One has been out for about a week and a half -- if you were one of the lucky people who didn't get your pre-order cancelled then you're going to want this app. Functioning as a second screen to your gameplay experience, Smartglass directly integrates your phone and tablet into the gaming experience. It can be used to control certain various console features, and in some cases making exclusive in-game content available. [Free]

Demand 5: Joining the likes of the BBC and Channel 4, Channel 5 has release a native catch-up app for Windows Phone devices. Now, data permitting, you can catch up on your favourite Channel 5 programmes from the past 7 days. Make note ITV, if Channel 5 can release a Windows app, so can you. [Free]

Doodle Kingdom: Part of the Doodle God series, this fantasy-based puzzle game looks like a lot of fun. With a series of quests, and the option to play as either a hero or a villain, you can create your own fantasy kingdom. If that hasn't convinced you, you can even breed and raise four different species of Dragon, I mean, who doesn't want to do that? [£1.49]

Dark Quest: Another fantasy game, Dark Quest is a top-down fantasy dungeon crawler. Taking the role of a Conan-style hero, you have to fight your way through the lair of an evil sorcerer to save the surrounding villages. [£0.79]

6snap: Snapchat is one the new 'big players' in social apps, with even the likes of Facebook wanting in. 6snap is an unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone for you all to get in on the action until they can get their act together and release it officially. [Free]