A 60mb Virgin Broadband Upgrade With a Free Superhub is Your "Bolt-Fast Torrents" Deal of the Day

By Mof Gimmers on at

The internet is brilliant isn't it? You can read whatever you like, shop without leaving the house and, most importantly, leave snarky comments on articles telling people they can't spell or wanting them dead. Within two clicks of trolling, you're on JustGiving giving £5 to someone raising money for people who have killed themselves after people abused them online.

However, access to the internet can be expensive, so it always worth shopping around for a deal. One cheeky offer is from Virgin Media. You can get a 60meg broadband upgrade with a free Superhub for a paltry £2.50! If you like the sound of that, click here.



-- PS Vita Wi-Fi model for £89.99 with free delivery
-- Humble Indie Bundle X -- Pay what you want, (Steam keys 63p)
--2 metre extension lead -- £1.91 delivered
-- Unlock your Motorola Moto G -- £1.99 from MNZ (99.7% positive/17k feedbacks)
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Square 1.8" LED Red Backlight Touch Screen Wrist Watch, Black (1 x CR2032) for £2.81
-- Canon EOS 600D & 18-55mm IS II -- £349 (£319 after cashback)
Need for Speed Rivals, PS4 -- £39.75
--Integral 64GB Pastel USB Flash Drive, Sky Blue (USB 2.0) -- £15.99 delivered
-- Last Chance Winter Sale @ Gamefly PC/Mac (Dead Island Riptide £4 /
Torchlight 2 £3 / Metro Last Light Season Pass £2.39 / Company of
Heroes 2
£8.15 / Bioshock Infinite £5.99 / Final Fantasy VII £3.99 /
Total War Rome II £11.99 and more) with code -- Get the dealz here
-- Sumvision cyclone Android X2 ( Geniatech ATV1200 ) Android / Linux XBMC MKV USB/network player with AirPlay -- £59.99 delivered

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