Motorola Handsets Will Get Android Update Priority

By Gerald Lynch on at

An inevitability ever since Google acquired Motorola, Moto's CEO Dennis Woodside has confirmed that his company's handsets will be front of the line when it comes to the handing out of the latest Android updates.

Speaking to TrustedReviews, Woodside said “If you’re going to buy an Android phone you’ll get the fastest Android updates on Motorola.” Though Samsung and HTC may be shifting more handsets, Google's favouring of its $12.5 billion hardware baby is hoped to see straying Moto fans return to the flock.

And the company is wasting no time in taking advantage of the situation. Both the Moto X and Moto G were lined up to be getting the KitKat update long before their Android-based rivals from other manufacturers. If you want the latest Android goodies soonest, but haven't fallen for the Nexus line, it now seems Motorola's range is where you should be investing your cash. [TrustedReviews]