Forget Flappy Bird: Flappy Braille Will Provide Your Daily Dose of Simplistic Frustration

By Jack Tomlin on at

Many of the attempts at taking Flappy Bird's place after its departure from most app stores are terrible. I have some affection for the much-maligned game, that I still play, on which my high score is 250. Now a browser game, Flappy Braille, has come along and I can barely get three points! Can you do any better?

The game takes the premise of Flappy Bird, stripping it right back to simple dots that appear in your URL bar. The single dot represents the bird, with all the other dots representing the pipes. Its just a matter of using the arrow keys to navigate through the course.

The development of the incredibly-simple-yet-particularly-frustrating little game was by Alexandre G. Raymond from an idea by Thomas Baudon, who was inspired by URL Hunter and another called Abaroids.

Flappy Braille doesn't work on mobile platforms, which is probably a good thing. Having this accessible in your the palm of your hand only spells danger.