Here's a Map That Shows the Location of Every Disney and Pixar movie

By Casey Chan on at

They are home to your favourite stories, your favourite songs, your favourite characters. You know so much about the Disney movies that you grew up with and the Pixar movies you love now but do you know where they're all located? No worries, this map by artist Eowyn Smith will show you.

The map covers 45 Disney animated movies and 13 Pixar movies. The location was determined first by the location implied by the Disney/Pixar version of the story and then, if that didn't work out, the original story's location was used. Click here to see a larger version.

Here's what Smith came up with:

Here's the breakdown of Disney/Pixar movie locations by continent:

--North America: 21
--South America: 2
--Europe: 23
--Africa: 2
--Asia: 3
--Australia: 2
--Other: (alternate universes, outer space, etc.) 5

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the Disney classics are set in the old world of England (it has 10 movies!) while more recent movies (especially the Pixar bunch) focus in on North America and other places. One thing is for sure though: Disney needs to show a little more love to the other continents, especially Asia and Africa.