Lonely this Valentine's? Why Not Make a Horrifying Rubber-Mouthed Kissing Pillow?

By Gerald Lynch on at

No, these aren't the latest additions in Buffalo Bill's new line of homeware accessories. These are examples of the "Make-Out Practice Pillow", a frankly terrifying DIY project for those that want to touch-up on their smooching skills.

Conjured up by Florida designer Emily King, and posted up as a full craft project over on the Instructables website, the Make-Out Practice Pillow uses the chopped-off lips of a CPR dummy, embedded in a cushion, letting inexperienced kissers fine-tune their techniques before any big dates they have planned tomorrow.

How anyone could be so lonely as to bring themselves to lock lips with the pillow I'd rather not know, but it's under 25s that King has found most receptive to her novelty idea. And even she, the Frankenstein-like creator, is a little grossed out by it all:

"I thought it was pretty hilarious myself until I actually made the things. They are super creepy. But I sort of love them for that."

Love is such a strong word, Emily. Full instructions on how to make your own at the source, should you have a mouth-to-mouth dummy just lying around...[Instructables]