Online Campaign Backs Unlikely Frontrunner in Race to Find New Face of JD Sports

By Gerald Lynch on at

You've probably seen similar competitions before, tasking wannabe models with drumming up support over social media platforms in order to bag a role as the hot new face of a big brand. But an online campaign to find JD Sports' "Face of 2014" doesn't look like its set to pan out how the sportswear retailer had hoped.

The competition has been inundated with submissions from some very slick-looking entrants -- the sort of people who wouldn't look out of place in an X-Factor boot camp. But it's Rake Ali, with his unorthodox spider-like haircut, who has gained the backing of web supporters far and wide and is now steaming ahead of the competition, bagging more than 8,200 votes -- almost 3,000 more than his nearest competitor.


"I am an adamant hair enthusiast that gets all the chicks," says Rake on his profile page. "My haircut is one of a kind and looks like a rake."

With voting set to close later today, Rake stands a good chance of automatically making it to the casting event to determine the brand's new star, where he will be judged on his "Street Smart"-ness, personality and creativity. I'd say he's got all three of those boxes ticked. Fingers crossed Rake! The internet at its best here.

Thanks for the tip, Martin!