The Fix for Apple's Scary OS X Security Flaw is Here

By Mario Aguilar on at

Apple has prepared a fix for the scary OS X security flaw that lets somebody with "privileged access" to your network connection get at information you think is secure. It's in the App Store now. Here's what you need to know about the fix.

As we told you over the weekend, the iOS and OS X security flaw leaves information protected by an SSL/TLS security layer open to peeping eyes. Basically, on affected machines, you might see that little lock in your browser search bar closed, but that wouldn't mean that the connection between your browser and an external server is actually secure. The problem was fixed on iOS devices by version 7.0.6, which Apple pushed yesterday, but until now, there has been no fix for OS X machines.

And so here's the fix. It's not currently in web iTunes listing for us, but if you fire up the App Store in OS X, your computer will find the update.

The Fix for Apple's Scary OS X Security Flaw Is Here