The NHS is Flogging Patient Health Records to Insurers

By Chris Mills on at

For those of you not content with just the NSA stealing your personal information, good news: the NHS has been selling patient data to private insurers, which, combined with info from your credit report, can give a fairly detailed impression of who you are, when you last had a cold, and what you had for breakfast last Thursday.

The details were uncovered by the Telegraph, who report that a "major UK insurance company" was able to obtain 13 years of hospital records -- that covers 47 million people -- and, thanks to date of birth and postcode, combine medical records with credit reports to build up a detailed profile of patients. This then reportedly resulted in premium hikes for thousands of customers.

This is all bad news for the government, who only last week delayed the roll-out of a wider NHS data-sharing programme thanks to privacy concerns. This latest revelation is unlikely to set the tinfoil-hat brigade at ease; and to be honest, it's a bummer for almost everyone if insurers have access to your medical records -- it's not impossible that further down the line, we could see car insurance becoming more expensive for clumsier people who have to visit A&E more often. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Doctor from Shutterstock