These are the Best of the Worst Flappy Bird Rip-Offs

By Gerald Lynch on at

Flappy Bird is dead. May it rest in peace? No -- there's a zillion vulture-like app developers scrabbling around its corpse, looking to make a quick buck by ripping-off an idea that was itself a rip-off of decade-old Flash games. Rip-offception?

We wouldn't mind so much if Flappy Bird was actually any good, but it was pretty shoddy to begin with. How this bunch managed to make something even worse, God only knows.


Flappy Fish

Not content with stealing the entire premise of Flappy Bird, Flappy Fish steals its titular verb, and even runs perilously close to winding up Pixar by nicking bits from Finding Nemo too. At least it's free on the Google Play Store.


Clumsy Bird

Boy Clumsy Bird, you sure do look like another load of avian gaming stars with a propensity for flying head-first into things. Clumsy Bird too is free at the Google Play Android store.


Flappy Chicken

Want to make Flappy Chicken infinitely better, developers Dexati? Rename it "Flappy Cock". Go on, I dare you. Free on Android here.


Flappy Troll

Just like any other form of web trolling, Flappy Troll will make you hate yourself. Which, in some respects, must mean that the developer's artistic vision has been fully realised here.


Flap MMO

What's worse than a regular game of Flappy Bird? An MMO version, where a hundred of the little bastards are flying around at once. As if the original wasn't tough enough. This browser-based game can be played at



You know, I actually quite like Flap.TXT. A totally random text-based spin on Flappy Bird, what it lacks in pixellated feathers, it makes up for with existential despair. Play it here.


Flappy Bert

OK, I'll end on one that's actually decent then, as far as it being impossible to hate on Sesame Street goes, anyway. Flappy Bert, the Street's most cantankerous resident, who gives a cry of "Ernie!" every time he crashes into an obstacle. Poor Ernie -- what does he see in Bert? Give the browser-based game a go here.

Got any other Flappy Bird rip-offs worth a look? Drop 'em in the comments below.