This Magnificently Medieval Chess Set Can be 3D Printed at Home

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Everybody needs a chess set. And if you're going to have a chess set, it might as well be a fun chess set, like MakerBot's Dragons of Glastonbury chess set. That way, if you get bored playing chess, you can always just stage a huge medieval battle in your living room.

This whimsical 3D printed ensemble comes with such fun characters as Rolf the Wizard and Barda the Jester, though Gregorian the Dragon is clearly the coolest one on the board. Being a MakerBot creation, the Dragons of Glastonbury chess set is actually just a set of CAD files that you feed into your 3D printer. The file for each figurine costs just 60p or you can buy the full series of 12 figures for £6, and just swap out the colour for the second set. You can also pick up the files for the castle shaped board, which is arguably the coolest part, for £6.

Of course, the coolest thing about a 3D printed chess set is that you never have to worry about losing a piece again. Just print a new one! It almost makes shelling out for a 3D printer worth it. [MakerBot]

You Can 3D Print This Magnificently Medieval Chess Set at Home