Xbox One March Update Beta Testers Reveal 50Hz Fix, Audio and Kinect Tweaks

By Gerald Lynch on at

While most Xbox One owners sit twiddling their thumbs awaiting the arrival of the March update, a lucky few have been granted early access as beta testers. And they've spilled the beans on a handful of features Microsoft has so far kept schtum about.

While the addition of Twitch streaming and multiplayer/party updates have been well documented, NeoGaf forum users have been able to confirm that the 50Hz compatibility problem that plagued UK users, causing juddery TV images when using the console's passthrough function, has been fixed.

A pair of new audio options are also included, with Dolby Digital Audio and bitstream output now supported. Kinect also gets a few tweaks, with an option to disable hand gestures when watching a video, and the ability to determine the degree by which volume rises when giving the console the associated voice command. [NeoGaf]