Avoid Loudmouth Cinema Patrons With Ourscreen

By Tom Pritchard on at

Going to the cinema can be a bit of a hit-and-miss experience. You may find that the film you want to see is no longer showing, or that a random child is trying to start a conversation with you every ten seconds. Ourscreen wants to take that worry out of the cinema experience, and ensure you're able to enjoy the film in peace.

The concept has migrated from the US, and allows groups of people to arrange a trip to the local multiplex and watch a film that isn't in the regular listing. The way it works is simple, the screening can be booked but will only be confirmed when a specific number of people reserve a place. The number of patrons will affect the ticket price, the more people there are then the cheaper it will end up being.

If you're concerned that you might not be popular enough to meet the minimum requirements, then you can organise a screening that is open to the public. This of course increases the risk of having to watch the film with a group of rowdy teenagers who can't stop narrating the film in real time.

Ourscreen currently has 200 films to choose from and is launching a "beta test" sometime this spring. The testing phase will take place at seven branches of Picturehouse cinemas, and there are plans to roll out the service across the rest of the country before the year is up. [Wired]