Facebook's Latest Feed-Jiggling Redesign Now Live

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook's reorganised the deckchairs on its promenade again, introducing a complete redesign of its desktop site that supposedly brings the big view in line with the mobile versions. It's whiter and a bit more text-based, but still seems to be the same people talking about their running, alcohol dependency and babies.

Facebook says the new changes to its "News" Feed amount to "bigger images and photos, as well as a new font" and there's a dynamic search bar that disappears if you resize the page too, which ought to be enough to get a few hundred million people petitioning to have it all changed back again, before they forget all about it.



That's what it looks like, if you haven't already reloaded it 50 times today already for something to do instead of work. [Facebook]