Gumtree Seller/Scammer Gets Spammed With Entire Works of Shakespeare in Revenge

By Kat Hannaford on at

When Bristolian Edd Joseph transferred £80 to someone promising to sell him their PS3, he displayed just the kind of revenge-led thinking that turns an ordinary graphic designer into somewhat of an internet hero. Or Prince Hamlet...

Before we get further with our new hero Edd's story, we need to first give him a light slap on the wrist for contravening Gumtree's terms and conditions by making a bank transfer to the seller.

Now that's taken care of...

Edd told the Bristol Post that after feeling "so helpless" after being swindled, "it just occurred to me you can copy and paste things from the internet and into a text message." So, he proceeded to send his Derby-based Gumtree scammer the entirety of Macbeth in 600 text messages, as rather helpfully, he had the seller's phone number from the Gumtree ad placed. Following Macbeth, he went on to send 847 texts for Cymbeline, 861 texts for All's Well That Ends Well, 1142 texts for Hamlet, and a further 18 plays by the Bard, coming to 22 in total.

Before you start fretting about poor Edd's RSI-ridden fingers, he's actually been copy-and-pasting the plays from his browser, and as his mobile contract includes unlimited texts, this sweet tale of revenge is costing him nought.

So what of Edd's Gumtree scammer? He's made the odd abusive phone call to his Shakespearean texter, but with Edd refusing to stop his texting tirade, we're guessing he'll have to change phone numbers, lest Edd moves onto Christopher Marlowe's works once he expires his Elizabethan peer. [The Bristol Post via The Daily Dot via Kotaku]

Image Credit: Kotaku