LG is Front of the Queue to Make the Google Nexus 6

By Gerald Lynch on at

If it ain't broke, don't fix it? It looks like that's the approach that Google is taking with its Nexus phone line, with our cousins over at Gizmodo Germany stating that the search giants will once again be turning to LG for the manufacturing of the Nexus 6.

The next Nexus is tipped to feature a "lightweight" design according to Giz Germany's source, and will be based on the design of the forthcoming LG G3. "Lightweight" is a bit of an odd descriptor though -- the last few Nexus phones have hardly been heffers. Here's hoping it refers to the stock Android OS onboard, as the LG G2 suffered from some quite bloated software.

If rumours surrounding the LG G3 are to be believed (and if the Nexus 6 really is to be based upon that reference design), you can expect to see the handset equipped with a 5.5-inch QHD screen, an Octa-core processor (perhaps LG's Odin chip) and 3GB of RAM. The LG G3 is also expected to sport a 13MP camera -- here's hoping the Nexus follows suit with some top-notch imaging capabilities, as that's one of the few points that has dragged the range down in previous iterations.

As for a launch window, Google's locked into a yearly release cycle for the Nexus line now, and we've heard nothing to suggest that trend will be bucked this year. Expect to hear something official then around October. Giz Germany is also tipping LG to be the manufacturer collared for Google's smartwatch production, though this seems merely an extrapolation from the smartphone partnership. [Gizmodo Germany]