Londoners, Try to Be Happy -- Singapore is the REAL Most Expensive City

By Gary Cutlack on at

An entirely different set of metrics to the ones used by some other people has decided that, no, London isn't really the most expensive place to exist in the world -- it's actually Singapore. London doesn't even make the top six.

The stats, generated this time by the Economist Intelligence Unit, claim that taking into account currency strength, car-running costs, clothing and utilities, the people of Singapore have it worst when it comes to seeing their earnings taken off them by a variety of direct debits each month. Although they do have better internet, so probably don't mind.

The EIU uses some 400 local prices to calculate its cost of living figures, using New York as a standardised base. Paris, Oslo, Zurich, Sydney and Tokyo make up the rest of the costliest six places to be, so people in London and whatever that other city in the UK is called (Bristol?) don't have it so bad.

If you want city living on a budget, Mumbai and New Delhi are the cheapest places to be, where the interest on your paltry life savings might be enough for you to live independently. [BBC]

Image credit: Singapore from Shutterstock