Prometheus 2 Looks Set for a March 2016 Release, But Do You Care?

By Gerald Lynch on at

A new report from the Hollywood Reporter lays out 20th Century Fox's movie release roadmap. Among the Marvel superhero flicks and unfathomably popular Liam Neeson action movies sits an unnamed Ridley Scott film, set for March 4th 2016. All evidence points to this being Prometheus 2, AKA Paradise. But given how disappointing the first movie turned out, should we still be excited?

Prometheus 2 is almost certainly going to happen. From an estimated production budget of $130 million, the first film made back $403 million worldwide. That's a proper blockbuster. Scott's already teased that a sequel script, titled Paradise, is already finished, and the director told Empire to expect a "2014, 2015" release. With those dates fast approaching, and his biblical epic Exodus due out first, the 2016 window now seems a likely placement for Prometheus 2.

Ahead of Prometheus's 2012 release, we (along with the rest of the sci-fi loving world) practically pissed ourselves with excitement. It seemed like a sci-fi dream come true: Ridley Scott's return to the sci-fi universe he established with the original Alien; an all-star cast headed up by the incredible Michael Fassbender; a wonderful premise that looked to ask the big questions of mankind's existence; some stunning visual effects and the best teaser campaign of any movie in recent memory.

The final movie? Ermm...just alright. It looked phenomenal, and its use of 3D was pretty good. But the story was less inspiring than it thought it was, the characters (aside from Fassbender's) were laughable caricatures, and its spacefaring ship was full of plot holes. It was merely OK, rather than the generation-defining sci-fi movie it had promised to be.

So, can we justify excited feelings around its sequel? There's still promise in the premise (and plenty of questions left unanswered as Prometheus's closing credits roll). Does Scott deserve one more chance to reclaim his king-of-sci-fi crown? [Hollywood Reporter]