The Last of Us is Being Turned Into a Totally Unnecessary Movie

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's been heralded as the greatest game of the last console generation (and only lost out to Twitter (?) on Charlie Brooker's list of the greatest games of all time), and now Naughty Dog's The Last of Us is set to get its own silver-screen adaptation. That's bad news.

Sony subsidiary Screen Gems is said to be behind the production, with the game's original creative director Neil Druckmann on script writing duties. Sam "Evil Dead" Raimi's Ghost House Pictures will also collaborate on the project.

It's a stellar team already assembled then, and though no casting details have been shared, nor tentative release dates (this is very much in the pre-pre-pre production stages it seems), it looks as though the adaptation is in safe hands.

So why am I not all that excited? Well, aside from the already-chequered history of game-to-movie adaptations, a The Last of Us movie just feels so unnecessary. This is a tale that has been told, and told exceedingly well, in the medium it was originally designed for. Much has been said about the quality of the game's writing, and the strong bond gamers formed with the lead characters. But that bond was at least in part formed because an element of player agency is involved -- your button presses and stick pushes were not only driving the storyline forward, but helping to protect these fragile and believable characters. While the dystopian-fungus-zombie backdrop certainly seems like prime cinema fodder, without interaction, exploration and discovery being offered up to the audience, The Last of Us becomes another standard slog through the apocalypse.

Other exposition-heavy games, such as the Metal Gear series, have always felt much like a halfway-home between a game and a film to begin with, and would be well suited for an adaptation. But I just don't see that with The Last of Us. I'd much rather get a next-gen The Last of Us 2. [Deadline]