This iPhone Air Concept is Simultaneously Great and Seriously Dull

By Gerald Lynch on at

It seems like the inevitable next step for the iPhone line, given the warm reception the iPad Air received at launch. But should the iPhone 6 land taking much of its inspiration from Apple's updated tablet design, it sure would be boring.

Designer Sam Beckett has put together the convincing concept video above, with the fantasy handset sporting a 17 per cent larger display than that of the 5S, pumping out a 1920 x 1080p resolution to its 4.7-inch screen. 7mm thick (0.6mm thinner than the iPhone 5S), Beckett taps into the regularly-circulating rumour that the next Apple phone will use sturdy sapphire crystal in its display rather than Corning Gorilla Glass, as well as a 10MP camera and A8 chip.

It's all very believable, but all rather prosaic too -- the perfect, incremental non-upgrade, as Apple cynics would have it. And that's no slight against Beckett's work, which is excellent, but more on the fact that such minor changes could easily, feasibly be the real deal. It does make you wonder where exactly the iPhone line can go next, highlighting the fact that services, rather than hardware, will make or break the top-tier mobile devices of the future. [Sam Beckett (The Verge) via The Next Web]