40 Per Cent of Brits Suffer 5Mbps Broadband; are You One of Them?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Despite the talk of fibre, cable and various superfast connections, the internet is still one big buffering lump of misery for many, with stats suggesting that 40 per cent of the population struggles to get a Speedtest result over the 5Mb mark. Is this your daily hell?

The stats come via comparison site uSwitch, which claims the UK's current average broadband speed is a relatively blistering 17.8Mbps. However, it suggests some 40 per cent of the population that lives in rural and the more congested urban spots fail to get their pipes synced at anything over the 5Mb mark.

But are the sub-5Mb people really missing out? Massive internet top speeds are very much more of a "want" than a "need" thing, with a 4 or 5Mb connection more than capable of providing a usable service. I work from home and that's my Speedtest result up there, and aside from having to wait a few hours longer for my torrents of shame to download and it taking an age to upload high-res photos, I struggle to think of a real reason why I would actually need a superfast connection.

But I still want one, of course. [Telegraph]