Desperate for Some Midday Shut-Eye? Google Naps Has You Covered

By Ashley Feinberg on at

It happens to the best of us: you stayed up late getting down on a Tuesday night, and come Wednesday, you can barely keep your eyes open. Desk napping is far too risky, so what's a comatose professional about town to do? Why, pull up Google Naps, of course.

Though the Google Maps knockoff was created all in good fun, it really does provide a wildly useful service. All those precious lunch break minutes wasted wandering around as you look for a quiet napping locale are much better spent on the nap itself. Google Naps streamlines the process by allowing your fellow, sleep-deprived neighbours to drop pins on all the best napping spots in your city along with a little explanation of why it's so ideal.

For instance, a park in Islington was selected by "a frequent napper" as having "grass as soft as a mattress". Of course, given that anyone can drop napping spots as they see fit, not all of the entries are quite so helpful—you're probably not going to get a good 30 minutes' floating in the Channel off Torquay.

Still, it is a fun little experiment that has the potential to become phenomenally valuable (at least for the droopy-eyed among us) if it catches on. Of course, that also depends on whether or not Google gets its intellectual property rights in a twist over the generous—er, borrowing of the Google Maps layout. Hopefully Sergey and Larry will have a good sense of humour about the whole thing—and a good night's sleep. [Google Naps via Time Out NY]