French Artist Makes a Temporary Home Inside a Bear Carcass

By Gerald Lynch on at

Taking a leaf out of Luke and Han's book on tauntaun-slashing sleeping bags, French artist Abraham Poincheval is spending two weeks living inside a hollowed-out bear carcass, sparingly equipped with the tools he'd need to live in the cramped enclosure with relative comfort.

An interactive exhibition at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris running for 13 days and nights since April 1st, Poincheval has squeezed in enough food and water to last thirteen days and nights, as well as a kettle, light, cushions and, yep, even a toilet. Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to interact with the artist as he looks to explore animal nature and his own physical comfort zone. A live feed of the exhibition will let you take a look at what Poincheval's up to at the moment which, given he's living inside a dead bear, probably won't be all that much. [Design Boom]