Is HTC Planning to Release a More Powerful Version of the One M8?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite only having released the One M8 a few weeks ago, and amidst sensible rumours that a smaller version of the phone is on its way, it looks like HTC might be going a step further by releasing a more powerful version of the phone -- codenamed 'M8 Prime.'

According to the well known rumour mill that is Twitter's @evleaks, you should be ignoring rumours of the smaller M8. Instead you should be saving your excitement (and cash) for the M8 Prime. Unfortunately, at this point, a name is all we have, so those of you looking for some phone-porn are out of luck.

Let's just assume for a minute that this is accurate and HTC are, like Samsung, developing a more powerful version of their flagship handset. The M8 already has some pretty nice hardware already, is it really necessary to release an upgrade so soon? Seems a bit unnecessary to me, one new phone a year is more than enough. [TechRadar]