LG G3 to Bring 2K Smartphone Screens to the Mainstream

By Gerald Lynch on at

Aside from a few niche Chinese manufacturers that have looked to go beyond the confines of the 1080p display in a smartphone, such as Oppo with the Find 7, the 2K phone screen has so far eluded the mainstream. But LG's next flagship, the rumoured LG G3, will land with an eye-popping screen that will make Full HD displays look archaic.

Ubergizmo sources and a leak from the Sprint website both independently point to the handset having a 2560 x 1440 screen, a fact since verified by LG, likely measuring 5.5-inches. Such a "quad HD" resolution would lead to an insane 530ppi pixel density -- almost definitely going beyond the point where the naked eye could ascertain any tangible benefits from the increased sharpness. Elsewhere, Ubergizmo points to a Snapdragon 801 processor with Qualcomm Adreno 330 GPU present. A June 2014 launch window is being suggested, though LG is yet to confirm this date, nor the precise details of the screen size. [Ubergizmo]