Microsoft's Next Xbox One System Update to Fix Audio Static, Add 50Hz Blu-ray Output and More

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's public relations cyborg "Major" Nelson has published a list of forthcoming changes that Xbox One users will see, revealing that an update to the controller firmware will "reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity" -- and 50Hz Blu-ray support for material recorded that way will come too.

The future system update also features what Microsoft describes as a "silent boot" option, one with the power to wake the system from Instant On standby mode, apply any future updates, then dump the Xbox One back into standby. Meaning updates apply themselves like magic and return the system to its extreme readiness state, although users will miss out on the excitement of seeing OS upgrades arrive live.

Nelson also uploaded a screenshot of the new "System update" check button, that will add the endlessly enjoyable modern mini game that is checking for updates to Xbox One. [Major Nelson via Engadget]