There are Now Seven Million PS4 Consoles Sitting Under TVs Worldwide

By Gerald Lynch on at

As well as revealing details of the PlayStation 4's first major software update, Sony has shared just how many of its latest home console it has sold. And it's doing pretty damn well.

As of April 6th, Sony's shifted seven million PS4 consoles, with 20.5 million games sold at retail and through Sony's digital PlayStation store. That's roughly three games sold for every PS4 owner, and a million new console owners since Sony revealed six million units sold back in March.

Microsoft last disclosed Xbox One sales figures in January, revealing then that 3.9 million of its consoles had been sold before the end of 2013. While the PS4 enjoyed an early lead over the Xbox One, the release of eagerly-awaited Xbox One title Titanfall and a number of price cuts for the Kinect-equipped console are thought to have closed the lifetime sales gap between both machines to a slim margin. [Eurogamer]