Three Rules for Jobseekers Allowance Introduced to Deter Benefits Cheats

By Gerald Lynch on at

New measures are to be introduced by the government to make it more difficult for people to abuse the unemployment welfare system, with all those signing up to collect Jobseekers Allowance first requiring a good CV, working email address and registration with the official jobseekers website.

"This is about treating people like adults and setting out clearly what is expected of them so they can hit the ground running," said Minister for Employment Esther McVey.

"In return, we will give people as much help and support as possible to move off benefits and into work because we know from employers that it’s the people who are prepared and enthusiastic who are most likely to get the job."

It may well be additional hoops to jump through before unemployed people get the support they need, but in this day and age a decent CV and working email address are pretty much essential to finding employment, making it hard to argue with the new rules.

However, my experiences (and those of my currently-unemployed pals) point the finger at hapless Jobcentre employees unable to match a job hunter's skills and aspirations with available roles and training programmes -- work needs to be done here too to ensure that job hunters are treated like potential employees rather than abstract numbers to be ticked off a spreadsheet. []

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