Waitrose's New Berries Taste Like Bubblegum. Wait, What?

By Gerald Lynch on at

No, this isn't some genetically modified monstrosity. Rather, it's an all-natural berry that, while once a popular 19th century delicacy on our shores, is now rarely found in UK shops.

Four five weeks only, posh supermarket Waitrose will be stocking the Fagaria Moschata, otherwise known as the bubbleberry. "Beautifully fragrant, with the unmistakable taste of bubblegum" according to Watrose's berry buyer Nikki Baggott, it has the same amora and taste sensation as a stick of fruity gum. Set to be sold in 100g packs at £4.99, those looking to give the berries a taste are encouraged to pair them up with ice cream, or frozen with melted white chocolate. [Mirror]

Image Credit: Wikipedia