Watch Five Cat Excavators Play the World's Biggest Game of Jenga

By Leslie Horn on at

Twenty-seven wooden blocks weighing 272 kilos each? That's no regular game of Jenga—that's a job for a team of five giant, yet agile, Cat excavators and telehandlers to take on. Just some machines having fun.

This is very clearly a promo for Cat, but it's an awesome one. And even though it's a game, it's also a demonstration of the mad skills required of the operators of this heavy machinery. You think normal-sized Jenga is hard? Try Jenga for giants. Repositioning 7.3 tonnes of wood is no easy undertaking. Plus, the anxiety of waiting for the inevitable toppling of the wooden tower is, unsurprisingly, even greater than it is normally. Who says work can't also be play? [YouTube h/t Digg]