London Named the Selfie Capital of the World

By Gerald Lynch on at

When it comes to vanity shots, there's no better backdrop than the city of London to frame your mug against. London's been named the selfie capital of the world, beating out cities like New York and Amsterdam to take the title. analysed 6.3 million Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts to come up with its results, putting New York and Amsterdam in second and third place. 14 per cent of the selfie messages it counted were taken in the Big Smoke, with London's Buckingham Palace and Big Ben the main background attractions. Worldwide, Rome's Colosseum is the most popular setting for a selfie.

An alternative metric, produced by Time last month, placed Makati City (financial centre of the Philippines) at the top of the selfie tables based on the number of self portraits taken per capita. Time's research put Manchester in sixth place, while London slumped to 93rd. [Independent]