Report: Google May Buy Twitch for as Much as $1Bn

By Jamie Condliffe on at

According to two separate reports—from Variety and the Wall Street Journal—Google is thinking of purchasing the video game streaming startup Twitch. That would get Google one of the web's most highly trafficked sites.

The two reports do, however, differ. Variety claims that the deal is virtually sealed, and will see Twitch being purchase for $1 billion (£595 million). On the other, hand, the Wall Street Journal is rather more conservative; they explain that the discussions are "early" and that "a deal isn't imminent."

Details are otherwise scant, but it makes sense. The purchase is apparently being mulled by Googlers at YouTube, and Twitch is perhaps the biggest video game live-streaming site on the web—with more than 1 million unique users broadcasting on its platform every month. YouTube, while huge, missed out on the kind of live streams that Twitch offers.

Though contradictory, the reports at least suggest that Google is keen to take over Twitch. [Variety, Wall Street Journal]

Image by AP