Swarm of Bees Causes Panic at Topshop in London Victoria

By Gerald Lynch on at

You'd have been forgiven for thinking that running around whilst flailing your limbs and swatting at the air was some sort of hot new trend if you'd walked past the Topshop in London's Victoria this morning. The store fell foul to a swarm of thousands of bees temporarily making the local branch of the high-street fashion destination its home.

Nearby shop owners were forced to close their doors too, with some shepherding pedestrians inside until experts could come along and disperse the bees. Topshop was even letting customers leave by its back exit as people took shelter inside to avoid the swarm.

According to the British Beekeepers Association, it's thought that the bees came from a nearby hive. Swarms are a regular part of the life cycle of a hive, occurring when a colony gos on the hunt for a new home. It appears that the queen of this particular hive decided to take a load off outside the Topshop, causing thousands of her minions to congregate around her. [Standard]

Image Credit: googoogifts (Twitter)