You Can Now Check Your YouTube Stream Quality From Home

By Leslie Horn on at

Man, if you're trying to watch a YouTube nature video—or any type of YouTube video for that matter—it's just not the same if it's not streaming in the full glory of HD. But now thanks to the Google Video Quality Report, you can check on your stream quality right from home.

Now, there are a few barriers as to why you might not be streaming stuff in high-def if you should be. Your ISP might have too much traffic in the area causing a virtual video gridlock, making your video quality less than HD. Then there's your home network—the Wi-Fi setup, the number of people squatting on one connection, and a bunch of other factors that might clog your internet pipes. These, among other factors, are what can make a stream go awry, and Google Video Report gives you a way to identify what exactly is amiss, using geographical data from the past 30 days, and using the lowest available stream quality as a baseline.

Check out your results here and share them with us in the comments below.