Acer Liquid Leap Smartband Jumps Into the Wearable Race

By Gerald Lynch on at

Acer teased the existence of its own wearable smartband fitness tracker a few weeks back, but offered no details with which to back up the news. Today, it's lifted the covers off its Liquid Leap smartband, a stripped-back wearable presumably aimed at the budget end of the market.

It's not the most inspiring wearable you'll see however, with its tracking sensors limited to just a pedometer. With a one-inch black and white display you can use it to monitor steps, calories and your sleep patterns, as well as seeing (but not responding to) calls and message notifications. You can control music with it though, with the band's waterproofing meaning you'll be able to take it for a splash in the pool too.

It will be sold with the Acer Liquid Jade smartphone, the details on which are so far a little vague. What is clear is that it will run Android 4.4 on a 5-inch HD IPS screen, with a 13MP camera on the rear.

Pricing is yet to be revealed, but given the smartband's feature set and the seemingly middle-of-the-road specs of the phone, don't expect either to break the bank. [Acer]