Apple's 5.5-inch iPhone May Come With 128GB Luxury Storage Option, 32GB the New Minimum

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two more baby rumours have hatched from the Rumour Queen's stash of slimy eggs today, both concerning minuscule matters pertaining to the next iPhone. One covers onboard storage, the other something to do with who's making the case.

On the memory side of things, Chinese site Wei Feng claims only the 5.5-inch monster iPhone 6 will come with the 128GB storage option, making it the biggest, most expensive option for the Apple phone fan who has to have the very best. It'll be tough leaping straight up to a 5.5-inch display though. At least Android users have had several years of size creep to prepare them for phablet proportions.

This storage rumour also has a sub-section, which suggests the next-gen iPhones will abandon the 16GB option in favour of an entry level 32GB of onboard storage across the board.

The second iPhone rumour of the day concerns the casing for the supposed 4.7-inch iPhone 6. Scattergun fact supplier DigiTimes says the original case supplier has been axed following quality concerns, so there's now something of a fuss going on backstage as Apple hurriedly sources new builders of the case for the smaller of the two new models. [MacRumors 1, MacRumors 2]