Here's all the New Stuff in Android 4.4.3

By Gary Cutlack on at

Before you start battering your mobile network's social media account demanding to know when your phone's getting Android 4.4.3, take a few minutes to inform yourself of what's new this time around. Because it's not a massive update.

The only change that's visually right there to see is the reworked dialler, which Google has now changed for the 1000th time since launching Android. This new frontend has a redesigned calling history section that matches the colourful icon thumbnail system used in the Gmail app, plus the colours are a bit different and the main screen's layout has been changed to a two-contacts-wide grid. We warned you not to get excited.

Several Bluetooth fixes are also part of the 4.4.3 update, plus there's supposedly some sort of solution to a battery drain issue that was triggered by the camera processes refusing to quit on some hardware variants. Apart from that and minor performance tweaks there's not much to see, so don't get too angry if your phone maker chooses to pass on pushing this one out. [Android Developers via Android Police]