Holding Out for a LG Nexus 6? Not Going to Happen

By Gerald Lynch on at

LG's Nexus phones for Google have been pretty darn good – solid hardware, clean, vanilla Android software and pricing that's far more affordable than the sum of its parts should allow for. So we'd all be quite happy to see an LG Nexus 6, right? Well, keep dreaming.

According to LG's communications director Ken Hong, he's not seen the memo telling his team to prepare for a Nexus 6 production.

"Normally, we were informed," Hong told Dutch DraadBreuk. "Either I got ignored, or we simply won't be making [the Nexus 6]."

With just six months to go until we'd expect to see the Nexus 6 unveiled (given previous annual schedule dates), it's now looking very unlikely that LG will be involved. So has the Nexus 6 been cancelled? I'd be shocked to see that. It's possibly delayed whilst Google pushes its Android Wear wearable devices, but it's more likely that Google's shifting up the manufacturing partner. With the rumoured Nexus 8 tablet going to HTC, could the Nexus 6 smartphone be headed their way too? [Draadbreuk]