How Much do You Hate CAPTCHA Security?

By Gerald Lynch on at

A leading question, certainly, but do you know anyone that actually likes the CAPTCHA security system? Standing for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart", it's proved an infuriating hurdle to cross before finishing a purchase or a website log-in process. And it may now be on its last legs.

Ticketmaster are the latest retailer to give up on CAPTCHA, announcing today it will be swapping out the bot filter with an alternative system created by Solve Media, one that replaces blurry words with multiple choice questions. CAPTCHAs have proved particularly annoying on ticket buying websites, where it's often a race against time to make your booking before an event sells out. Heinz too has toyed with CAPTCHA alternatives in the past, using a mini-game to make the authentication process enjoyable whilst also marketing its products at the same time.

Of course, CAPTCHAs serve an important purpose, hence their ubiquity -- the web would be flooded with even more computer bots claiming to be real people if it weren't for the security measure. And there are plenty of hilarious examples of CAPTCHA systems gone wrong, ironically stringing together two seemingly-innocent words in a way that only a human would ever find funny (or random letters that just happen to fall together to spell "cunt", as our own Kat once saw).

So, is it time to ditch the CAPTCHA once and for all? Has our hate for the system gone unchecked for too long? Or is it still worth holding out for the odd chuckle its illiterate algorithms throw out?

Image Credit: Uberdose