Samsung's Been Parading a 12-Inch 4K Tablet

By Gerald Lynch on at

Before you ask, you're not going to see this in shops anytime soon. Samsung's 12-inch, 4K tablet (spotted at an LTE broadcast demonstration by our pals at TechRadar earlier this week), is currently intended just for reference and testing purposes for operators. But it's a tantalising glimpse at what Samsung's obviously considering for its next consumer tablet push.

Compared to, say, the 5.5-inch LG G3's high resolution display, there'd be tangible visual benefits to using a 4K screen at 12-inches. But it appears this current demo model's capabilities are limited -- it was receiving only a 720p video stream, and it was only possible to appreciate the extra clarity when UI overlays were placed over the video content. This is likely due to the chip onboard -- using a Snapdragon 801 currently, Samsung reps at the event said they hoped to eventually build a model using Qualcomm's Snapdragon 805 chipset, which has improved 720p and 1080p upscaling abilities. If all goes well, Samsung's 4K tablets could be hitting shops in time for Christmas, according to TechRadar's Samsung source. [TechRadar]