This Water-Powered Jetboard is Almost the Hoverboard You're Dreaming Of

By Eric Limer on at

No, Back to the Future hoverboards won't be real anytime soon but there's a damn good substitute. All you need is a board, a speedboat, and a firehose.

From Franky Zapata, the mind behind the water-powered Iron Man-esque "Flyboard"—comes the Hoverboard, which seems to pretty faithfully emulate its namesake. It's essentially just a firehose strapped to a board, but the results pretty much speak for themselves.

Unfortunately if you want your own, you'll have to spend some $6,000 (£3,258) on a unit. And that's on top of having access to your own speedboat. But Zapata Racing has been known to set up rental operations with its Flyboard so hopefully this isn't far behind. Fingers crossed! [Zapata Racing via Engadget, The Verge]