Working Through Lunch Makes You Sick

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy says that our habit of sitting at desks eating our lunch every day is making us ill, with the workforce of the nation ruining its health by opting for sedentary, internet-based lunch breaks.

According to the survey of 2,000 workers, half worked through their lunch windows routinely every day. Of the half that took proper lunch breaks only one in five actually went out for a bit of a stroll, with half of the lunch break takers sitting at their usual desks to eat. The result of our office-bound days could be a sicker workforce suffering from back and neck pain, possibly triggering more severe illnesses over the long term.

Karen Middleton from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy said: "Aside from the human cost the price of inactivity for employers can be vast with higher sickness absence costs and lower productivity. It is in everybody's interests to find ways to tackle the enormous problem of inactivity in the UK and we would encourage people to take responsibility for their own health." [BBC]

Image credit: Lunch from Shutterstock