Amazon Launches Create-Your-Own 3D-Printing Store

By Jamie Condliffe on at has just opened a new 3D Printing Store, which allows customers to customise and then purchase "more than 200 unique print-on-demand products."

At the present time the service is only available for customers in the US, who can take their pick from a wide variety of products to tweak: from cufflinks to credit card holders, iPhone cases to... err, custom bobbleheads. The amount of customisation available on each product varies, but it includes attributes like material, size, style and colour variations, as well as personalised text and image imprints.

Amazon itself isn't involved in the manufacturing process, instead farming out the production to 3D-printing businesses like Sculpteo, Mixee Labs, and 3DLT. They'll fulfil the orders while Amazon acts as a hub for customisation and purchase. The store uses a new interface which allows customers to see what their customisations will look like on a 3D preview which can be rotated, flipped and zoomed.

There are some cheap products on offer—an impossible gear keychain, for instance—while prices head north for some of the larger, more exotic products, like lampshades.