Fracking Will Not Take Place in Areas of Beauty Except in "Exceptional Circumstances"

By Tom Pritchard on at

The current government seems adamant on ensuring fracking becomes a legitimate way to source our energy, rather than focussing on more sustainable methods, but it looks like the process will only go ahead in areas of natural beauty in "exceptional circumstances".

This news comes as the government launches a new round of licence bidding, and means that anyone hoping to frack near National Parks, Areas of Outstanding National Beauty, and World Heritage Sites will face tighter restrictions, a move that has been cautiously welcomed by groups like the National Trust.

Government officials and industry representatives have insisted that the process is safe and could provide Britain with greater energy security. On the other hand, campaigners have warned that the process can contaminate the water supply and cause earth tremors, as well as being a source of energy that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. [BBC News]