Fuel Cell Power Could Keep Your iPhone Charged for Weeks

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple is rumoured to be experiementing with fuel cell technology for its mobile devices and laptops, an area which could see its iPhone and MacBook range equipped with battery packs that would provide days or even weeks of power.

Britain's own Intelligent Energy is the company at the heart of the rumours. It produces green, efficient fuel cells with the aim of powering portable devices. Intelligent Energy has recently announced that it has acquired a set of patents from an "international electronics company", and "senior" sources are pointing to that company being Apple.

Intelligent Energy has long had ties to Apple ahead of this rumoured partnership. The company's Chief Operating Officer Joe O'Sullivan was once an Apple executive for starters, and the energy solutions company has recently also set up a new HQ in San Jose, California, just down the road from Apple's Cupertino base. Intelligent Energy already works alongside Suzuki and Boeing, but this alleged consumer-focussed work could prove significant for the wider tech industry if a new benchmark for battery expectations can be set. [TechRadar, Daily Mail]